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[WEBINAR] GutCheck Case Study

How PepsiCo Got Off The Concept Testing Hamster Wheel

Thursday, July 10th - 10:00AM MDT

hamsterimageMeeting Action Standards is a common challenge when you're trying to get a new product through stage-gate. Market researchers are faced with the challenge of developing concepts that will pass all the test criteria, quickly and within budget. This pressure is amplified when the product is still at an early stage of development and there are multiple variables and it is not clear what is or isn't working. It can be all to easy to get stuck on a concept testing hamster wheel.

Join us as we share how PepsiCo is disrupting the approach to early stage concept development via an agile, qual/quant, consumer-driven approach, which helped them quickly optimize ideas and go into concept validation with greater confidence.

Join GutCheck as we share:

  • The challenges PepsiCo was facing when their concepts didn’t meet action standards

  • The new innovative approach PepsiCo took to understand the WHY behind why each criteria didn’t pass

  • The Results and implications for PepsiCo moving forward

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